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Elective Egg Freezing

Egg freezing, also referred to as fertility preservation, offers women the opportunity to preserve their fertility until they are ready to build a family. Egg Freezing may be done for medical reasons or for social reasons, and can offer women true peace of mind in knowing that their fertility is not at risk due to aging or a medical condition.

Coastal Fertility Egg Freezing is a relatively new technology that was not available to previous generations. In fact, elective or “social” egg freezing has become an increasingly popular option for women who know they want to have a baby, but are not yet ready to do so because of personal or career goals. Coastal Fertility Medical Center helps women explore all of their fertility options based on their individual health conditions, their career plans, and their goals for family planning.

What is egg freezing?
Egg freezing is a fertility preservation process in which a woman’s eggs are extracted, frozen, and stored for later use. The first step involves administering fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple mature eggs. Then, a fertility specialist extracts the eggs and cryogenically freezes them. These eggs can be stored indefinitely and are used whenever the woman decides she wants to start a family.

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Should I freeze my eggs?
Choosing to freeze your eggs is a very personal decision. Many women choose elective egg freezing because:

  • They would prefer to delay having a family due to career or personal goals
  • They are concerned about their age affecting the health of their eggs
  • They have not yet found the right partner to start a family
  • They are facing a recent cancer diagnosis (Medical Fertility Preservation) or other health condition that negatively affects fertility

How do I get started with egg freezing?

The doctors at Coastal Fertility Medical Center recognize that every woman deserves the chance to start a family when she is ready to do so, and that fertility preservation gives her this opportunity. If you are interested in egg freezing as a way to preserve your fertility, please contact Coastal Fertility Medical Center to discuss your options for.

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