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Egg Donation & Surrogacy

Egg Donation & Surrogacy: Third Party Options

The need for egg donation arises when a female partner cannot have children of her own because her eggs cannot be successfully fertilized. Female infertility can be caused by several reasons such as premature menopause, poor egg quality, and diminished ovarian reserve. Once it has determined that a female cannot produce fertile eggs, egg donation is an option she should consider in order to have a baby.

The use of donor eggs has made it possible for many older women, (Success rates using donor oocyte’s depend on the age of the donor, not the age of the recipient.) This procedure provides healthy eggs from either a known or anonymous egg donor to women who are unable to utilize their own eggs to achieve pregnancy. Fertilization can be with the sperm of the recipient’s husband to the fallopian tubes of the recipient (GIFT), or the eggs can be fertilized In Vitro with the resulting embryos transferred to the recipient’s uterus (IVF) or to her fallopian tubes (ZIFT).

Traditional surrogacy is another option for infertile couples. In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother becomes pregnant with her own biological child. Her eggs are fertilized with sperm from the male intended parent. Traditional surrogacy is for a woman who cannot produce fertile eggs or is considered high risk for pregnancy complications.

Gestational surrogacy is a variation of traditional surrogacy where the surrogate becomes pregnant through an embryo transfer with a child that is not hers biologically. The intended parents can provide both the egg and sperm with gestational surrogacy. This option is for a woman considered high risk for pregnancy complications.

Partnering with Third Party Reproduction Agencies

Some of the couples coming to Coastal Fertility Medical Center will need the help of third party reproduction to help them fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. There are several egg donor agencies as well as surrogate mother agencies around the Orange County area. Below is information on one of the agencies we use.  If you would like a list of the agencies we have worked with, please contact our office.

Fertility SOURCE

FertilityFertility SOURCE Companies SOURCE Companies creates pathways to parenthood by providing one of the largest and most comprehensive egg donor and surrogacy programs in the country. The agency’s commitment is to provide the most compassionate and skilled care to couples seeking third-party assisted reproduction services. Fertility SOURCE Companies has a local presence in Orange County as well as a growing number of metro areas throughout California and across the United States.

The Donor SOURCE

The Donor SOURCE egg donation program offers one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive egg donor databases. With a local presence in Orange County, California, The Donor SOURCE egg donation agency has a national presence which gives their egg donor database a unique scope and diversity that is unmatched by any other egg donor program. Click the link below to learn more about The Donor SOURCE today!

Egg Donation Information Visit TheDonorSOURCE

The Surrogacy SOURCE

The Surrogacy SOURCE program provides the most optimal conditions for both surrogate mother and intended parents. Our surrogate mother database is among the best in the United States. With a local presence in Orange County, California, The Surrogacy SOURCE Agency is committed to providing the most compassionate and skilled care to all parties involved. Click the link below to learn more about The Surrogacy SOURCE today!

Intended Parent Information Visit TheSurrogacySOURCE

Fairfax EggBank

Fairfax EggBank, theFertility SOURCE Companies trusted choice for frozen donor eggs, provides a diverse selection of high-quality donors to help people build their families. Frozen donor eggs is a convenient and quick option since patients can purchase pre-screened donor eggs immediately and use them when they are ready to.

Fairfax EggBank is a Sister Company to Fairfax Cryobank, one of the nation’s leading tissue banks, with over 30 years of experience with safe and successful reproductive tissue banking. Fairfax EggBank offers a diverse selection of high quality donors — less than 1% of applicants make it through its rigorous screening process to become donors. Donor recipients will have access to extensive egg donor information, including childhood and adulthood photos and audio interviews.

Intended Parent Information Visit Fairfax EggBank
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