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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is the most prevalent ovulatory disorders in women with fertility problems. Up to 10 percent of women suffer from this condition in their most fertile years. Before we go into detail about PCOS treatment, let’s first…Read More

Thanks to Assisted Reproductive Technologies, LGBTQ couples and individuals can now achieve their dream of building a family. But before starting your parenthood journey, you probably have a lot of questions. What is involved, is possible and what can be…Read More

Oocyte vitrification, also known as egg freezing, is a harmless and minimally invasive procedure. It has allowed millennial women to plan their family at a very early stage without giving up their careers. The saying that “you can’t have it…Read More

A survey suggests that at least 20% of women now prefer to wait until they are 35 to have their first child. As more and more women are waiting to start their family, age-related infertility has dramatically increased over the…Read More

Infertility is a functional diagnosis. That means the only way one can be diagnosed as infertile is if they don’t get pregnant after 12 months of trying.  It makes complete sense that there’s a lot of appeal to the idea…Read More

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating.  However, with improved technology and treatment options like chemotherapy and radiation therapy, most people diagnosed with cancer will survive and thrive. According to Livestrong , the survival rate for all cancer patients under 45…Read More

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Free Fertility Seminar! 11/13 at 6:30pm

Join us November 13th for a free monthly fertility seminar hosted by Dr. Werlin.

Learn about the low and high technology of fertility treatment options.

Free Egg Freezing Seminar! 10/24 at 6:30pm

Join us in October for our next free quarterly egg freezing seminar.

Learn about the process of egg freezing and fertility preservation.